Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Comes Around

Greenwald makes a point that seems obvious but is not something even whispered in the polite halls of American journalism. That is, the bombing and shooting attack in Norway is pretty much run-of-the-mill modus operandi of the United State government.

It is quite true that Americans, as official policy, conducted by the US military, and paid for by the American tax payers, do exactly the same sort of attacks in other nations around the world.. frequently.

The difference is.. the dead are the brown people.. and nobody gives a shit about brown people. Kill some white kids.. now that's a whole different matter.


What happened in Norway is obviously a complete horror. It is certainly well deserving of much attention and condemnation. The first reaction to the news shouldn't be political spins, but rather an acknowledgement of the humanity that is lost. It is the worst possible thing that could happen in a day.. young people.. murdered.. for ridiculously stupid reasons.. as if there is any reason that would not be ridiculously stupid to kill anyone.

The issue, however, is that the horror being so dramatically illustrated by the media is one that the United States inflicts on other nations as a matter of course.

In a sane world, the attention would first be focused on the victims and family. Then it would be focused on the perpetrators. Then it would framed in the context of the many similar events that happen in the world on a routine basis. However, as the media only cares when an attractive white child goes missing (black kids are not allowed on the milk cartons), the media only cares when it is white kids that are murdered.


I waited patiently for our favorite Loon's post on the topic. His most urgent expression was a denial that the perpetrator is a right wing christian fundamentalist. He goes so far as to claim that the "liberal media" is making things up just to discredit christianity.

I left him a comment. He'll delete it.


I like how you sprinkled the post with some paranoia.

I read some paper recently that tried to explain why deeply religious people often feel personally persecuted, leading to the paranoia that you frequently display.

It turns out, it's simply an extension of your religion... i.e., the perceived persecution of Christ. The identification is so strong that you become a Christ-like figure in your own mind. Then, of course, when you're a white male heterosexual (*cough*) of the christian religion, you can actually make claims that you're somehow in the persecuted minority. And actually believe that!

Of course, the shooter is a right wing christian fundamentalist, and he killed a bunch of kids that were on a retreat.. left leaning kids. Had it been a lefty killing nearly 100 christian kids on a retreat, your post would be very different.

The most important part about your post, however, was its complete lack of empathy for the dead. Your immediate concern is for the political consequences of it appearing to be a right wing christian that did the killing. That's all that mattered to you.

That is, of course, because you are an immoral sociopath.

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