Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Third World

Republicans really do want to destroy the nation;

The next flash point in the debate over the nation’s will to live within its means may emerge this week as House Republicans present a long-term transportation bill expected to cut funding for highways and mass transit by almost one third.

And just as a reminder.. the United States really is the wealthiest nation it the world.. by far. For some reason, Republicans want to turn it into an ugly third world.

You'd think all Americans would want the nation to have the best infrastructure in the world.. but no. I really don't get it.

Not that I really give a shit.. I'm just perplexed.


And of course, it's not going to get better.. for a very, very long time.

John and I do better when the rest of the nation is doing worse. He's so busy that he's pretty much working 12+ hour days, 6 days a week.. and the 7th day is a 6 hour half day.

The contract my company has to the fed is set to expire in September, and other companies bid for the work. If I'm laid off, I might just take a long vacation from working and then go to work for John.. quit the code monkey business and such. When you're sleeping with the guy that owns the company, you're pretty much immune from getting fired.

So.. I know I say this a lot. I used to be really concerned about the way things were going in this country, even though we do better the worse it is for everyone else. It's that bleeding heart Liberal thing. I'm actually more emotional than it would appear and I give a shit that people are homeless and kids are having a hard time.. finding work can be a bitch, and making do with very little is a way a life for millions of Americans.

What rich people do to ease their conscience is a bit of charity work. We're going to start buying up a bunch of quality dog food and donating it to no-kill animal shelters. I think I have more empathy for animals than I do for human beings for some reason. Animals are pretty much helpless and are in no way responsible for their predicament.

Americans have the power to vote. They choose poorly. I have less empathy.

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