Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I need help. The comments on news articles at yahoo is like.. worse than crack, or something. I can't stop. I started replying to them, and it's so entertaining that I should just quit everything else I'm doing and focus on that.

Even on articles completely unrelated to political issues, the Loon Brigade is spamming the comments with really weird shit. I had no idea the idea that a black guy as president would make people lose their minds that hard.

On an article about black holes;

Bill The Ex Mailman 2 minutes ago
Please do not seek any wisdom except God's plan for us all, through Jesus Christ, study a little, or a lot. When time closes up to a memory, you will have a few notes. I try not to ofend just my two cents.

Tom a second ago
Yes, everyone, please be a dumb as you possibly can. With some of you, it appears you won't have to change anything.

Ya.. not strictly a political comment, but it was my favorite. Others were frothing about Obama. Of course, I think he's the Worst President Ever, but not in an unhinged mouth-breathing sort of way.

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