Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Burning It Down - NJ Style

I'm really liking Chris Christie. He knows how to fuck over poor people, students, and the needy.. while throwing money at rich people, and making Democrats look like battered wives.

That's exactly the sort of Governor we need in Texas. I think we should be getting checks in the mail simply because we have more money in the bank then 99% of the people in Texas. It would reward us for merely being wealthy, because that means we're better than everyone else by definition.

We totally deserve it. The poor people won't really notice anything. They're poor. Not like life doesn't already suck for them, so having it suck a little more isn't even going to change anything.

What's even better is the governor screws other politicians budgets while keeping his own intact.. so he can fly to his kid's baseball games in publicly funded helicopters and such. He should just pull his dick out of his pants and tell the Democrats to suck on it.. just get right down there and gobble it up.

The governor cut the Senate and Assembly budgets, but not his own, a move that is unprecedented. He cut money from the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services, the outfit that sided with Democrats on this year’s revenue estimates.

He cut a fellowship program run by Alan Rosenthal, the Rutgers University professor who served as referee in this year’s legislative redistricting fight, and sided with Democrats.

When Democrats tried to restore money to a few favorite programs — including college scholarships for poor students, and legal aid for the needy — the governor not only rejected the additions, he added new cuts on top of that.

He mowed down a series of Democratic add-ons, including $45 million in tax credits for the working poor, $9 million in health care for the working poor, $8 million for women’s health care, another $8 million in AIDS funding and $9 million in mental-health services.

But the governor added $150 million in school aid for the suburbs, including the wealthiest towns in the state. That is enough to restore all the cuts just listed.

Could you imagine if Barack Obama was half the politician Christie is.. instead of being a giant pussy?

I have zero doubt that while Christie isn't going to run for President in 2012, he will in 2016.. and I bet he wins. His approval ratings in New Jersey are in the toilet, but obviously he doesn't care. He just keeps on ramming his dick into people.. and it's awesome.

.... and when he does run for President.. all of the news media will be playing up how mavericky he is. John McCain can't even begin to lift the balls of Chris Christie's mavericky dick. The press will worship him, because they love GOP daddies that discipline everyone. They'll line up to get rammed in the ass.. and love it.


Anonymous said...

Stupid blog

Tom said...

Enjoy the rest of your miserable life. I'm sure it will suck.