Saturday, July 09, 2011

Burn it All

Think you might end up like this?

My testimony has an example of the kind of choices real elderly people living on Social Security have to make; it quotes an 84-year old widow in Medford, Oregon who gets virtually all of her income from Social Security: “ I can’t afford meat anymore, but every once in awhile if I see a great bargain, I’ll splurge on a small piece of meat. There’s a special discount cheese that I like. I make very thin slices….” It also shows that for some things, you just can't substitute -- like dental care you can't afford. You just do without.

The great Liberal President is insisting that cuts in Social Security need to be made, or we're all going to die.. or something like that. Never mind that the United States is the wealthiest nation the planet.

Then there is the Loon Brigade.. the Doug Gibbs type.. social Darwinists to the end, who think that old people like that woman deserve what they get. In fact, they think they don't even deserve that thin slice of cheese. They blame the old lady for not preparing for retirement while she had a chance, and because of that failure, she should be living in a park, surviving on cat food at best. Just simply die and get it over with at worst.

Our nation is really fucked up.. and it's ruled by evil people, both Democrat and Right Wing Freak alike.. doomed by the most immoral cadre of religious freaks imaginable.

Of course.. Americans deserve their fate in the broadest sense. They allow this to happen. The only recourse you have is a fat bank account. I'm really not kidding when I tell people that they need to do whatever it is they need to do to get money. Most people are not doing that. Most are spending it as fast as they make it. They might as well just plan on dying when they're no longer able to work.

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kris said...

The ones screaming "fuck grandma" for being a "dumbass" the loudest are those living hand to mouth during their working years themselves. They do pay into retirement plans- but they got no problem bleating on at every opportunity about how grandma's made her own bed and taking pleasure in watching her lie in it.

My generation doesn't own or save or earn anything. they'd better hope they have affluent and generous kids- which, if they're chips off the old block, they'll be screwed,