Tuesday, July 19, 2011


An article about Michelle Bachman's history of opposing the irresistable force that is, Teh Gay, over at The Atlantic.

There really isn't anything interesting in the article, but it's posted at yahoo news.. which, of course, means there are comments! The Loon Brigade just has to get their panties in a twist over all things gay.

And, of course, they're the best part;

John about an hour ago
She will automatically get my vote because of her stand against gay activism. I couldn't care less what you do in your own bedroom but get your disgusting images and parades and all the "gay" pride and "gay" culture out of my face. So you are offended by my disgust? Guess what? I'm offended by your trying to ram your lifestyle down America's throat. Double standard liberals, begone! Go Michelle!

I'm gay and haven't been to a "pride parade" in over 10 years. I don't even tune the teevee in to see them, nor read about them in the newspapers. I really don't care about gay pride events any more than I care about the Irish having a parade on St. Patrick's day.. or something like the "million man march". It's all rather silly.

Still - the person that wrote that comment clearly has a gay fixation. He can't seem to avoid the parades and "gay culture". Every time he tries to live a Godly life, he ends up at a leather bar, stripped naked and tied down to a pool table being victimized by all the gays ramming things down his throat.

We really do need Michelle Bachmann to win the presidency. If you're either bored or disgusted by the policy of the current administration, having Bachmann as president will fix that... faster than Marcus Bachmann can slather a foot-long hot dog in ketchup and savior its meaty goodness.

Okay.. so that was a lame analogy.. but you know Bachmann would be the greatest thing that ever happened to American politics.

Walter 3 hours ago
So - is she gonna support legislation to legalize the exterminate of the gays, or is she all talk?

And they wonder why people like me despise them.

Personally, I still would prefer that the American Loon Brigade be relocated with the muslim Loon Brigade in very tight quarters.. and put the result on the teevee.


Kor said...

I wonder how much money you could make selling t-shirts at a rally with the quote "Support legislation to legalize the exterminate of the gays" printed across the front of it in large bold text...

You would probably make a tidy profit and point out the crowd’s general lack of literacy on national television at the same time.

Tom said...

Decent idea.. plus design some sort of phallic looking graphic that they wouldn't get to go with it.