Sunday, July 03, 2011

American Justice

So all of the crimes that were committed by the government, including murder, over the last decade are, officially, ignored.

I especially enjoyed the quote from the CIA director celebrating the news.

The United States truly has fallen.. into banana republic territory. A two tiered system of justice where one tier doesn't even get prosecuted, and the other is brutally penalized.

I really am disgusted by what our government has done. I'm disgusted by Barack Obama, and ashamed I bought the rhetoric - but in my defense, he said all the right things and on the heel of George Bush to boot. Never again.

Our economic justice functions exactly the same way. The guilty, but rich, are shielded and further enriched. The poor are brutalized.

Unfortunately - Americans have to be the most psychologically conditioned population in the world. There will be no protests. There will be no revolutions. There will be only taking it, and trying to survive.

I owe nothing to this country, other than to strip it of as much wealth as I, we, can get and then use it. You can only be what you believe in. You can't fix the fucked up shit around you.

The next step in the process of disillusionment is to just stop caring, or even noticing.

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