Thursday, June 09, 2011

Worst President Ever

Who knew that the US government conspires with legislators of other nations in order to keep near-slave labor intact for US corporations benefit?

The way it works is that other nations keep their "minimum wage" exceptionally low, at the behest of the US government. In turn, US corporations export jobs to those nations in order to minimize expenses - thus taking jobs away from Americans. Then those corporations sell those products right back to Americans, keeping the lower cost to produce as profits.

Essentially, it is a way to continue slave labor practices.

This is encouraged and aided by the United States government, and directed by the "liberal" President Obama.

This is the same President that is doing everything in his substantial power to keep the evil practices of the US Government secret. The same President who continues to waste the resources of the wealth and health of the American public by continuing wars and slaughtering innocent civilians in in half a dozen nations around the world.

The rich will always oppress the poor and use them as so much human slaves. Then on Sunday they go to their churches and hear the gospel of a figure that would find them all unfit to be called human.


I truly am disgusted with Obama... and if this is the the way America conducts itself around the world, then I'm disgusted with Americans - and would, at some point, prefer to find a different nationality that better reflects my values and priorities.

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