Thursday, June 30, 2011


When the Worst President Ever was able to select his first nomination for the US Supreme Court, I had hoped it would be Harold Koh. I remember blogging about it and pasting in a picture of Koh and all that.

Turns out that Koh, much like candidate Obama, has zero integrity and is willing to do a complete 180 on issues for career advancement.

It would appear that this is just how the world works. Everyone seems to lie, cheat, and steal to advance their career.

I'm glad I have no interest in any career advancement at this point. I'm content just doing code. My boss keeps harping on me about "goals", and she can't seem to understand that I have no goals other to stay employed and get a raise. That seems to be a foreign concept to her.

I'm not willing to become a scumbag, such as Obama and Koh, just to advance in a job. They've sold their integrity, and you can't get that back once it's gone. I have a feeling that most people, by far the vast majority, would be quite willing to do just about anything to advance their career.

I think that's true of most "journalists" also. There are very few exceptions. The vast majority of individuals in every occupation are willing to prostitute themselves for a dollar.

It seems that political and world views can evolve over time. I know mine have. I used to think there was a possibility that people could do the right things for the right reasons. I now think the complete opposite is true. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent, and this world is nothing more than a competition on whose corruption can be the most successful. If you're not willing to set fire to your own integrity, and learn a way to cope with that, then you are not going to go very far.

That's reality.

It's not going to change.

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