Thursday, June 30, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

At a time, moreover, of extreme economic pain in many parts of the country, after a period in which the successful have become relatively richer than everyone else than at any point in recent decades, the sacrifice should surely be shared. - Andrew Sullivan

Just let that float around in your head a bit. You should slowly realize what he's saying and the desire to kick him in his tiny little shriveled up cock should become overwhelming.


Notice he calls them "successful". Not all rich people are successful. Some just fall into it (see Paris Hilton). Regardless, in the same sentence where he acknowledges the increase in the income gap, he insists the "sacrifice" should be "shared".

God forbid those that profited from the shifting of American wealth should suffer the lion's share of the sacrifice.

Morever, he applauds the wreckless "austerity" measures in Greece and other European nations, noting the horrors of default. Except, you know, Greece really should just default.

Sullivan loves the idea that the poor and middle class are going to suffer, because he's a bottom bitch that loves to suffer himself.. sexually.. sure as hell not financially.

And then.. he has to trot out his "we must destroy Medicare in order to save it" bullshit. Everyone thinks that Medicare is what is fucking up our nation's health care system, but it actually is better at keeping costs down than private insurance, and more people like Medicare than private insurance. It might be because Medicare isn't designed to screw you over when you need it most, like private health care insurance is.

Read Sullivan's screed. It's demented and divorced from economic reality. These jackasses are advocating for economic policy that will contract economies the world over instead of fixing the real problem.

What is the "real problem"?

Lack of demand. For fucks sake.. it's that simple. And how do you fix that? You spend a lot of money creating demand for goods and services. And how do you do that when the citizens don't have the money to spend? Government spends it because they can simply run a deficit until the economy is humming again... and at that point THEN they can start to progressively balance their budgets.

Do any of these stupid fuckers have any idea how much the United States government pays in interest on the money it borrows? Last time I looked, it was under 2%.

If I could borrow at that interest rate, I'd be maxing out my credit line and reinvesting that money. I'd make some nice profit off that. However, the government isn't in the business of making a profit - what they could do, though, is improve the shambles of infrastructure that we have. Some of the bridges and sewers and such are decades old on barely functioning.

How about a lot of high speed trains? The list is endless.

You have to figure that jackasses like Andrew Sullivan understand all that. They know what economists such as Brad DeLong and Paul Krugman have been saying. They're aware of all of that. So you have to wonder why they want to destroy the social safety nets and wreak havoc on the infrastructure of the nation, and the bank accounts of the middle class.

In my view, it's a concerted effort to not only maintain the status quo on the income disparity, but to accelerate it.

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