Monday, June 27, 2011

American Justice

I find this odd;

Attorney Brian Kammer has called for the suspension of further lethal injections in Georgia after he said the execution of his client, Roy Blankenship, was botched with the use of an untested animal tranquilizer.

The media described a gruesome scene: “According to witnesses, Blankenship grimaced, jerked, lunged from side-to-side, gasped and appeared to yell out during the three minutes immediately after the first drug was administered. Witnesses said his eyes remained open until the end, as had been the case with the two previous executions.”

The Chinese execute human beings by shooting them in the back of the head at close range. That's a much better method then slowly killing somebody with chemicals. Why don't they just have the warden of the prison shoot them in the head and call it a day?

Or, you know, just abolish the death penalty because it's barbaric and immoral? You can't dig up a dead man an apologize if you got it wrong, such as when Texas murdered an innocent man - lead by the closet case, Rick Perry.

Speaking of closet cases.. you probably haven't heard because it's been rather quiet, but Troy Aikman, Hall of Fame quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, divorced earlier this year. He promptly moved in with a "friend" of his.

I wonder if he's found his own place yet.. hmmmmm...

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