Friday, September 03, 2010

Week -1

The Cowboys final pre-season game was more entertaining than I thought it would be. The 3rd string QB proved he can play, and he'll get a roster spot. The kicker looked pretty good as well.

The reciever position is going to be rough. We know that Austin, Williams, Bryant, and Crayton are going to get spots. I hope they can find room for Jessie Holley. His hustle reminds me of Doug Free, and he made some nice plays. He's showing that can run a nice route and catch, plus his special teams is play is very solid. I hope he gets a roster spot.

The cuts are coming on Saturday. That's the suckiest part of pre-season. You watch these guys and then they are gone, possibly never to play football again. You gotta feel for these guys.

I'm just ready to get the season under-way, as I'm sure the team is.


The Cowboys traded receiver Patrick Crayton and offensive lineman Pat McQuistan. This is good news, as Crayton was unhappy that Dallas drafted Dez Bryant, who would play ahead of him. This gives Crayton a chance to start at San Diego, and Jessie Holley a better chance of making the 53 man roster.

The down-side is that Crayton is solid and reliable, even if not spectacular. He caught some important TD passes in the last few seasons, and you know exactly what you're getting with him. The Cowboys are gambiling a little bit that Austin is what he appears to be, and Sam Hurd and Holley can take on the roll of a reliable NFL receiver.

The move took some serious balls.. but I think it's the right one.

/update 2

Bummed that Jessie Holley got cut. Maybe he'll get picked up by another team, but I'm kind of doubting it. I doubt he gets placed on the practice squad again - which is sort of like NFL limbo.

But who knows? It's not like getting cut from say.. Seattle. The Cowboys are stacked with talent, so maybe some of these guys end up getting jobs elsewhere. I'd like to see Mike Tepper get a practice squad job with the Cowboys. I have a feeling he's going to be a player at some point, and he's he's really young. Holley is 26, which isn't helping him much.

I just noticed that the Cowboys' week 1 game is a night game on Sunday... which is kind of a pain in the ass, but we'll bbq something and start watching at 8 so we can skip all the crap we don't want to see.

Does anybody watch any commercials anymore? I'll stop the fast-forward if it's one of the Geico caveman commercials.. I've always like those, and I even liked their short-run tv series.. but that's just me.

/update 3

Jessie Holley cleared waivers and was signed to the Cowboys practice squad. I was hoping he'd get picked up by another team and get a chance to play. Mike Tepper was not signed to the practice squad, which is disapointing. He now has to decide if he's not going to be able to make a living playing pro football, and go find regular employment like the rest of us slaves. Mabye he goes to Canada to play.. and tries to make it onto another team's camp next year.

The team kept 10 offensive linemen on the roster this year. I think they had 8 last year. Likely this is due to the current injuries to Columbo and Kosier, in addition to the age of the starting line in general, which is getting more prone to injuries.

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