Saturday, September 11, 2010

Destroying Empires

The cost of the Iraq war? More than 3 trillion dollars.

We would be greated as "liberators". The Iraqi oil revenues would pay for the war. Iraq had WMD. Iraq aided Al-Qaeda. Mission Acomplished, mother fuckers.

How much health care could that buy for every American? How many lost jobs could have been saved? How many human beings would NOT be dead right now, including thousands of American soldiers? How about the last one to "officially" die in Iraq?

He was 24 years old. If not for the neo-con cabal that exploited 9/11 with the most vile intentions, he'd be with his family.. wife and kids.. right now, instead of fucking dead.

The people who were behind this nightmare.. the ones that never actually served in the military.. they, apparently, have no remorse for what they have done. They, somehow, can sleep at night. I can't imagine how.

I just don't get how the vast majority of Americans don't give a fuck about this.

Happy 9/11 day America. Just wait until next year. We'll get to relive it all over again. Awesome.

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