Friday, August 13, 2010

Week -4

When Keith Brooking retires, the Cowboys need to hire him as a line-backers coach. The guy doesn't have the widest range, isn't the fastest runner, but what he is.. is all football, 100% all of the time.

As for the game.. well, Buehler looked better, but then his long was something like 42 yards. Certainly not a chipshot, but not 50 yards either. I don't get why they're having him kick off for touchbacks every time though. I'd think they would want to see their kickoff coverage unit actually cover a kickoff.

Romo was sacked 3 times.. he says one of them was a result of holding the ball too long, and another 2 receivers running into each other. The first I understand. The second.. /headache-man. QB backup Kitna didn't look very good.

There were a lot of mistakes in the game... things you just can't have in a regular game and win.. especially with the schedule the Cowboys have. At least no new significant injuries.

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