Thursday, August 05, 2010


Saw the eye doc today to get the patch on my left eye removed and vision checked. Oddly enough, my left eye is 20/20 at distance and kinda crappy near. My right eye is the opposite so I essentially have monovision now, which is kind of odd.

The lens placement in the left eye is good, and the near vision should improve on it's own. It looks like I'm only going to need LASIK in my right eye.. not sure about the yag on my left yet.. will know more about that at my next appointment in a couple weeks.

It's a very bright world. I really had no idea how much the cataracts were dimming everything down and narrowing the world. On the drive home today, I noticed things outside that I've never noticed before.

Still 2 weeks before I can go back to the gym, but it seems that things are going okay and we're still on target to have very good vision when it's all done. Still not sure about star bursts and halos though.


Dan said...

Should take some time off and road trip to see cool things (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Butchart Gardens in Vancouver, Glacier National Park etc...). Even just driving over the Rockies would be cool I'd imagine.

Tom said...

We're probably going to do something like that. We went to Hawaii for my 40th, and it would have been a lot better with my eyes working properly.

I was trying to describe what it's like.. and it seemed to me that if you took a very thin piece of wax paper and held it over your face, that's what I was seeing. My perception of color was so skewed, and I had no idea.

Kor said...

You could go on a horror movie marathon and see how much more squeamish you are now! :D

Alternatively you could go see a Van Gogh exibit, I believe there was one touring recently?

Tom said...

I have a picture here someplace of me next to this Van Gogh at the Louvre. I could post it but I was about 25 and chubby.. so nah.. lol