Friday, August 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

A comment over at Pharyngula;

Xians use Orwell's novel 1984 as an instruction manual. This is Doublespeak and Doublethink.

xian persecution = no longer allowed to kill anyone they want to.

I'll pray for you = you're going to hell anyway

science = evil stuff we hate

sophisticated theology = our imaginary superpowerful sky friend will kill and torture you

freedom of speech = as long as anyone we don't like has to shut up

I have a pretty good idea (in my mind anyway) why people invest themselves in the imaginary superpowerful sky friend. I just don't think they've thought through all of the consequences of what that belief entails. It's pretty scary any way you look at it.

I also don't get why religious people are so obsessed with atheists. It would stand to reason that if you're convinced that your imaginary sky friend is going to be super awesome to you when you die, and a total dick to the atheists when they die, then you shouldn't worry about how mean the atheists are. They're going to be tortured eternally, so that should make you happy. Right?

Victimology is probably the biggest component of the religious lunacy. Once their central character becomes the most important victim in the universe, then all of a sudden, victimization becomes a virtue.

I suppose they should feel victimized. After all, most sane people think that the story of the great and powerful sky friend, conjuring himself as a human being - and being all knowing - knowing that he's going to end up in a Mel Gibson movie being tortured to death, thus earning some sort of redemption for sins you haven't even committed yet.. seems bizarre to us, and that we think people who believe that are fundamentally crazy.. it stands to reason they would feel victimized by the atheists.

What a Gorak awful paragraph that was to write..

In other words.. if you're a christian... think about the whole story of the trinity and all that. Really think about it using the logic center of your brain, instead of the "omg I'm afraid to die" part of your brain.. and see if the whole thing doesn't seem like some bad HBO mini-series that was cooked up to get money out of your pocket.


On the other hand, I do get why atheists are obsessed with the religious. It's because atheists are convinced that the majority of bad things that happen in this world happen because of religion.. and if religion where to suddenly disappear from the world, the world would be a much better place.

If atheists were to suddenly all become religious, the world wouldn't really change, because atheists are such a small percentage of the total world population.. unfortunately.

I'm not really comfortable using the "atheist" term for myself, but my views are a hell of a lot closer to the typical "new atheist" than a religious loon... by miles.


Or as PZ sez;

Your Jesus was just another in a long line of holy con artists. Why should I believe him over Mohammed, or Thor, or Krishna, or Buddha? That he did a tawdrier class of magic tricks during his brief life does not impress me, nor does the logic of blood sacrifice by another to atone for the imaginary sins of my many-times-great grandmother. He's already absent from my life (and from yours too, I will note: that you pretend to have an invisible friend doesn't make him real), and I'm feeling pretty good: a wonderful wife, three great kids, and a job I enjoy doing. If this is Hell, bring on more.

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