Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My Bad

It's very weird when people who cheered on the war say something like;

The essential principle is immutable: We should never go to war unless we have been attacked or are under direct, immediate threat of attack. Never. And never again.

It just strikes me as odd when people who were alive during the Vietnam war clapped dutifully when Chimpy trumped up a case to attack and occupy a nation for some 8 odd years now. It's as if Vietnam never happened.

I think what happened is that after "winning" the cold war, we thought we were the new chosen people, and having watched way to many Clint Eastwood war movies thought our military could do anything. Problem was.. it turns out our military can only blow things up.. damned well. That's it.

In the case of jackasses like Joe Klein and Andrew Sullivan, they fell in lockstep with everyone else who were afraid to be labeled "anti-American", or worse, "anti-military" by speaking out when it mattered, opposing this ridiculous disaster.

And, of course, the Dirty Fucking Hippies that were right all along are still marginalized, while the jackasses pat each other on the back for having the "courage" to speak up now.

We truly are fucked... and by "we", I mean the poor people who will be fucked by the continued economic woes, and the brown people embraced by the freedom bombs.. and the soldiers who are dead.. and the soldiers who are permanently scared in horrendous ways by this folly.

Assholes like Klein and Sullivan will continue to vacation in the Hamptons, write books, and make lots of money while they view the whole thing as some sort of intellectual exercise.

I'm still waiting for the first one of the very long list of war supporters to say; "You know what.. I was monumentally wrong on the most important thing that has required sound and courageous judgment that will ever happen in my life, and therefore I'm quitting my job at (insert publication here) to go work as a Walmart greeter."

Not gonna happen.

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