Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Makes Sense

Cowboys' staff writer;

But try to remember the differences. It's not the fact backups play a lot more and earlier in the game. It's also the way the game is called. Do you really think Jason Garrett would've called three passing plays from the 2-yard line in a regular season game?

Honestly, I don't. I think the Chargers game from last year should tell us all that he believes Marion Barber and this offensive line can punch it over the goal line, even in that case when they couldn't score. Running the ball should and will be the first priority.

"I think if we would've run the ball three times we would've scored," head coach Wade Phillips said in reference to Sunday night's opening drive.

If you think about it, the ball was really at the 2 1/2-yard line. That's really a two-point play and maybe that's what they were trying to work on. Also, the Bengals schemed a little more than most teams do in preseason openers. That's Mike Zimmer, though. He did that here in Dallas. He's about as competitive as any assistant coach there is and he's certainly not going to stand there and let Barber or Felix run into the end zone without a fight. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I have to keep in mind that pre-season games don't really count. It's worth trying some different things out, but as we get closer to the season starting, we need to see the real deal.

The team signed a new tight-end that was recently cut from the Chargers. From the description and seeing a photo of him.. first impression is that there might be something there worth developing. I'm not sure if the Cowboys carry 3 tight-ends or 2 on the regular roster. I think last year they had 3, so this guy might actually be on the roster after all the cuts are done, which is a remarkable thing for a player that went undrafted. It's highly unusual just to show up in Dallas and make the team.

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