Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kill Them All

Doug's proposed solution to the violence in Dafur.

Kill all the Muslims;

If the slaughtering is to be stopped, the slaughterers must be stopped, and that can only be accomplished by an invasion similar to the one in Iraq. Except this time it would need to be quick, concise, precise, and devastating to the enemy.

Yep.. we need another war, and this time those god damn muslims better identify themselves as the enemy so they can be properly killed in a quick, concise, precise, and devastating manner.

It's just that easy. I wonder why our military was so incompetent in Iraq? Oh.. I know.. those pesky "rules of engagement", where the soldiers weren't allowed to just shoot anyone who looked brown. I just wonder if Doug is going to fight the muslims this time? I'm guessing.. probably not... that coward thing and all.

Jebus Christ on a stick, is he NOT the dumbest person on the planet?

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Michael said...


You should have a field day this this juicy number

/me fase palm