Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chaquitas Gone Wild

My friend, Dr. Jeff, has been blogging about the shit his Chaquita steals. So far, toilet paper and icecream.

Our Chaquita is stealing my socks and shorts.

The thing about ripping off the people you work for is that you can't take the very last of the thing you're stealing. If I had 20 pairs of shorts (these are my work out shorts), then I wouldn't notice that I only had 19.. or 18.. or 17. I have only 2 pair left now, so I think Chaquita would be aware that if one goes missing.. I'll know about it.

It is kinda nice though, to just throw all your dirty clothes into a basket and every couple days they appear clean and pressed in exactly the right place without your having to do anything.


Which reminds me.. I need to inform Dr. Jeff that he's an elitest jackass for having gone to libtard universities for a ridiculous number of years and becoming an M.D. so that he could treat people and make a nice living.


Make that socks, shorts, and shirts. I only have 3 shirts that I typically use for workouts left.

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