Thursday, August 05, 2010

Asshat Quote of the Day

You knew that when a gay judge ruled in favor of gay couples wanting to get married, Doug would lose what's left of his mind;

On top of that, the courts claim they are enforcing the 14th Amendment. The amendment was designed to ensure that the emancipated slaves received the same rights and privileges as whites. The intent of the amendment is race, not behavior. If it is applied to behavior, such as the sexual behavior of homosexuals, how long before kleptomaniacs use it to justify their behavior, or pedophiles use it to justify their behavior, or polygamists use it to justify their behavior? Where would it stop?

Doug used to compare gay people to murderers, so I suppose it's a step up to be compared to pedophiles.

Still.. what Doug doesn't get is that being gay isn't some "choice" or "behavior", but rather an intrinsic human trait for millions of people in this world. At his core, and as much as he denies it, he's simply a vile human being that wants nothing but pain and misery for those not exactly like him.

But.. hey Doug.. fuck you.. it's going to be rammed down your throat you vile piece of human scum. Whether you like it or not, the equality that already exists in a handful of US states will be in every state.. and we will not be deterred by you or the cowards like you.

Doug only thinks being gay is a "behavior" because it's one that he successfully resists engaging in.. or maybe not so successfully.

What a piece of shit he is.. in christ's name..


Kor said...

I've been following someone similar saying the same sort of crap today about the Prop 8 over turn. But he was more focused on the "If we let gays get married whats to stop people from marrying farm animals" argument.

Tom said...

When farm animals can give informed consent and sign a marriage application, they can have inter-species marriage.

Michael said...

What will really make Doug's head esplode would be the exact moment he realizes that the judge who overturned prop 8 was appointed by Republicans and blocked twice by Democrats...


kris said...

Hey Doug, READ the judgment and take the time to learn what the Constitution says.

If nothing else, it's hugely instructive on HOW NOT TO RUN A CASE.

Sorry, can't stop laughing my ass off.

kris said...


I do love Doug's use of the "slippery slope" non-argument. Please look it up, Dog. It's a logical fallacy.

I also wish to God these "constitutionalists" would learn about the roots of Natural Law.

For those who cannot be arsed, it's about the invioability of man's soul. That is where the enlightened (and I use that term for a reason) concept of equality of man originated.

That is why equality for ALL human beings is enshined in our Constitution.

As for the people will be marrying their own daughters etc:

1. we are talking about two consenting adult human beings who have the liberty to fall in love if they are so inclined; and

2. being gay is not a crime.

I say it with love, peoples' fathers are (or were) what they are. There comes a time where we all have to accept life on life's terms, grow up and move on. I pray one day he does - because resentment is a corrosive thread and an enormous waste of time and emotion. The guy your eternal flame of resentment burns against died some time ago. Your banging on about the "unconstitutionality" of gay people and their non-rights will never change the past.

I thought Jesus was about Love, anyways. Call it what you like, D, but your venom sure don't feel like the Good News to me.

Dan said...

My personal favorite part was where he eviscerates the witnesses for the pro prop 8 side.

Tom said...

There's a certain irony in having to post comments directed at Doug here, because he deletes everything off at his own blog.

I'd suggest he stop the farce and just turn comments off, but then I have too much fun leaving snarky stuff he reads and then deletes.

More directly, though.. Doug really isn't into "Christ" as he's described in the NT. He's into a movement that uses Christ as a sledgehammer.

The amusing thing is that if history shows us anything, it's that social liberalism never goes backwards. It can only go forward, and it's only a matter of time. They'll have gay marriage in Iran at some point.

Those that stand in opposition (and this includes Barack Obama) will be shamed by history.

kris said...

now that's where I will disagree with yu: social liberalism can and does go backwards. The UK is a case in point.

Back in the hey day, (1997ish) acceptance of gays was at its high water mark here. We took it for granted and now have creeping sharia-tastic relativism - all in the name of "liberalism".

Tom said...

I thought Cameron was pro-gay? At least from what I read, things looked positive over there.

The creeping sharia bullshit is NOT a liberal concept at all, and it's disturbing to me that a lot of people don't get that. You're absolutely right though.. that's how it's being pushed, as a way to discredit real liberal social policy.

I know I've surprised some people how strongly I've come off on that topic.. and I'm really not kidding. I think the fuckers that don't want to become English, but rather insist the English become Islamic scumbags should be rounded up and thrown out of planes over Iran.

Liberalism is not relativistic, despite what jackasses like Doug insist.

kris said...

Camero's not so much "pro gay" but more government out of our lives.

The irony is Labour, who brought in gays in the military and civil unions in 1997(?) slowly let it all slip away by post 9-11 pandering to muslims for the sake of multi-culturalism.

Labour are the ones that came up with the horseshit of relativitism as "liberalism". Hence a suprising number (to US observers at any rate) of gay Tories.

Gay republicans on the other hand must have mental health issues, because the repubs can't resist making gay people lives the focus of their little americo-jihad.