Thursday, July 22, 2010


With a title like that.. you know it's going to have something to do with Doug Gibbs, candidate for City Council in Murietta California.

There's been a recent blow-up with an employee of the fed agriculture department. The short version is that a right wing loon posted a video of a woman delivering a speech about race, and they edited out all the context and posted only the portion that made her look racist. She was subsequently forced to resign by the White House, before they even figured out that the whole thing was the complete opposite of what they thought it was.

Nobody viewed the entire video before they attacked this woman. Now it's like Kurt Cobain said.. All Apologies.

Of course, Doug bought the whole story of the racist member of the government.. a racist Liberal.. etc. Even when it's become apparent that her story was about confronting racism and helping the poor, he had to continue to attack her.

One more thought. If Sherrod's story was to tell how she was once racist, but then decided not to be racist, one must ask: Why was she racist in the first place? Is that a pre-requisite for becoming a liberal? Must you start as a racist, and then when you change to promoting class warfare like Obama is, you are supposed to drop your racism?

Beyond the issue of Doug's continual reliance on stories completely devoid of proper context in order to attack a person, he misses something that should be obvious. Her story is.. well.. I'll just paste what I left in comments on Doug's blog.. a comment that he's sure to delete...


Sherrod's story was very much what christianity professes to be. It was a story about human failing, redemption, and moving forward in the spirit of true humanity. It was exactly the sort of thing you profess your savior represents.. and yet, you do nothing but criticize someone who has done more to help other people then you ever will. You criticize somebody for confronting their own bigotry and living a life of real integrity.

All of that because you are nothing but a serial liar and propagandist.. far less a real christian than Shirley Sherrod. You're just a vile human being.


An AP story about how individual loons in the right wing can move industries, here. It truly is amazing.

/update 2

And of course.. the whole thing creates her 15 minutes.

I wonder what that must feel like and what my reaction would be if it happened to me. One day you're just a federal employee.. the next day CNN and every other "news" program on the teevee wants to broadcast you across the nation.

I have a feeling my reaction would be something other than "I'd like to meet the President".

Then again.. I wouldn't mind meeting the President so I could tell him how awful a job I think he's doing. lol

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