Friday, July 09, 2010

So Special

An ad from the Washington Monthly that I noticed when I went to read an article about the Loon in Virginia trying to defeat Teh Gay.

I like how they use the unflattering picture of Barney Frank.. the purple frilly fonts.. and the screaming "special rights" as if same-sex couples being treated by the law the same as everyone else is somehow "special". Go take a survey!

It's similar as if I bought an ad that said something like;

Do you think Christians should be able to rape your children? Pope Darth Benedick thinks they should! Take our survey!!11

Fucking scum religious freaks.. and the trash rags that take their ads..


Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time. Little by little the victories come along. They better start getting used to people having equal rights.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Two gay stories on CNN in one day. Is Armageddon far behind or did hell actually freeze over. Bout time!