Sunday, July 04, 2010


Google has decided to artificially bypass federal laws that treat gay couples differently than hetero couples, by making up the difference. While I'm not a big fan of Goggle's policies as it relates to censorship in other countries, it's pretty cool they'd do that. Of course, by increasing compensation to an employee, that creates a higher tax burden, but whatever. They have some smart people working there, they probably account for it.

The thing that really amazed me about the article was;

In a blog posting on its website, Google said "we have another reason to celebrate'' as it announced the policy, which will be retroactive to Jan. 1. A Google spokesman said the change came in response to a 700-member group of gay and lesbian employees and their supporters called Gayglers who had approached management asking that the discrepancy be addressed. The management team replied, "We agree," said the spokesman. "It wasn't a long process or debate at all."

I didn't think Google employed 700 people, much less 700 homos.

Seriously.. is there any other company in the world that has a gay club with 700 people in it?

But "Gayglers"? For.. fucks.. sake..


The goal though.. is that clubs like the "Gayglers" not exist because there be no need for them.

There are a lot of gay groups that like the status quo because it provides an incentive for people to participate in their group. The Human Rights Campaign is a perfect example. They don't actually want marriage equality in the US because then that would be the end of the "gay rights movement" - and there would be no reason for their organization to exist. They like their money, you know.

There's lot of people on both sides of the issue that benefit from the way things are, and they're not very interested in it changing. I'd prefer Teh Gay be a meaningless term in the context of social justice.

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