Thursday, June 10, 2010

DADT - The Loon View

Our friend Doug Gibbs has one of those incoherent anti-gay rants up on the sewer he calls a blog. As is his usual style, he uses the story telling device to argue his point.

On the particular evening being discussed, when the watch-stander wake-up watch found the appropriate rack and pulled back the curtain, he was met with disgust. Two pairs of feet inhabited the rack, and the two men were still in the act of intercourse.

I'm sure Doug was experiencing the self-tortured desire/digust feelings typical of latent homosexuals as he wrote that.

Still.. Doug, being the dumbest person on the planet, is unable to conceptualize the difference between behavior and intrinsic traits. To the rest of us, it's common sense that if sex on-board a ship is against Naval policy.. then it's against Naval policy, and the sexual preference of the individuals breaking the policy is immaterial. The individuals would be subject to discipline.. (and I'm sure Doug fantasizes about how that discipline would be metted out)

Then, Doug proceeds to lying.. because, of course, at his core.. Doug is just a serial liar and propagandist.

Homosexuality is not allowed in the U.S. Military for the same reasons females have not been allowed to serve aboard combatant ships, or with combat companies. In war, hesitation or distractions kill, and with all that our military has on their minds, the last thing they need is yet another valueless (valueless to the mission at hand) situation creating distractions.

Women, of course, serve aboard combatant ships. They are also allowed to serve on submarines.

Doug is either stupid, or lying. I know.. hard to know which.

The reason that women can serve aboard ships is because sailors are expected to behave as adults, and within the regulations of the Navy. People who break the rules are subject to the penalties. It's that simple. Doug is too stupid to understand that.

Then Doug really shoves his head deep into the sewer;

How long before pedophiles demand to be accepted in the military?

I sort of look at that and wonder just what sort of disgusting human being could write that? What sort of vile character could say that? Imagine the moral evil that must consume a man to jump from honorable gay men and women serving their nation to pedophilia.

Doug truly is the dumbest, most disgustingly perverse individual on the planet.


kris said...

dumb or obsessed?

He thinks about gay sex more than most gay people I know.

Tom said...

Seeing how his father was gay, and there is some evidence that it's hereditory, I'm pretty sure Doug is gay... and he's just denying his basic instincts as best he can.