Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Buh Bye

A douche at Time tries to figure out why the Gore's are breaking up.

Et tu, Al and Tipper? When statisticians are trying to figure out the divorce rate, which is a complicated formula at the best of times, they stop counting after a marriage passes the 40-year mark. If a union lasts that long, it's considered to be successful. Moreover, says Penn State sociologist Paul Amato, "So few couples divorce after 40 years, it's statistically not that significant."

Among all the guessing, the douche wonders if Tipper is going cougar... Somebody, apparently, makes their living from writing shit like that.

Conservatives view marriage as a means to keep two people together, even if those people would rather not. The one benefit that gay people have had in not being allowed to marry is that you always know that if they are together, it's because the want to be.

Not that I think it applies to the Gore's, as I really have no idea - nor care what's going on with them, but I suspect that some people view their mortality and lack of things refreshing and new in their life as a motivator for these types of things. The way most people expect relationships to go doesn't allow for the cake and eating it too.

The relationship isn't necessarily the problem. The expectation of the relationship is.. and the cake isn't a lie..


From another article;

Al has pocketed tens of millions of dollars since leaving public office, and they recently bought a mansion in Oprah’s ‘hood of Montecito, California).

So casually racist.. these fuckers.

Suppose the Gore's bought a place in Bill Gates' neighborhood, would the writer have referred to it as a "'hood"?

A friend of mine once told me that I "don't like people". True.. to a point. I don't like most people.. because most people are assholes of one sort or another. I'm just more sensitive to it than most people. It's why I'm not a big fan of social settings involving more than a few people. I can't take it that long, before I really need to bail. There's always the guy who thinks he knows everything.. or the woman that won't stop talking and let anyone else speak.. or casually racist or homophobic remarks.. or just general asshattery.

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