Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wallow in Sludge

I tend to avoid posting things related to big disasters and such, because everyone already knows about it already, and I'd have nothing really profound to say anyway. The magnitude of the disaster is such that you really can't think about it much, or else get sucked into the anguish of the whole thing.

Drill, baby, Drill...

Our politicians are all just simply awful. You can start with Obama, who decided after he ran on a campaign opposed to it, that offshore drilling was a great idea. Then there are the professional idiots (see Sarah Palin) who convince the mouth breathers that we'll all die unless we drill in the most vulnerable areas imaginable.

And then there's BP, who does what pretty much every company does.. and that is, do whatever it takes to make as much money as possible, without giving a shit about anything or anybody else.

The biggest drawback to not thinking there is any afterlife is that you know none of these fuckers are going to get any sort of proper punishment for what they've done. In the case of this disaster, I'd suggest tying them down on a beach and allowing small crabs to eat them, tiny piece by tiny piece.

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