Sunday, May 02, 2010

Islam is Still Evil

Anybody see the really odd part about the this run-of-the-mill muslims run amok story?

There is a disturbing report out of Pakistan that a Christian barber was beaten and then sodomized by eight Muslim men after he agreed to trim a Muslim teenager’s beard in violation of Sunni traditions. Marwat Masih, 29, was hospitalized and his shop destroyed by local Muslims for the trimming.

According to these reports, the attack took place in Sargodha, Pakistan after Qandeel Cheema, 19, convinced Masih to trim his beard — which the barber initially refused. Cheema assured him the was leaving to study in Lahore and wanted a more modern look — promising that he would be leaving immediately.

Cheema’s brother, however, saw the trimming of the beard and allegedly attacked the barber after telling his little brother to leave immediately for Lahore. Masih says that he was taken to a remote location and beaten and sodomized. Remarkably, the neighboring businesses supported the attackers — insisting that the affront to the Koran justified the broken bones and sodomy.

Muslims seem to enjoy executing gay people for.. being gay.. but when somebody shaves a beard, well.. then it's okay to gang rape him, and then congratulate the rapists for acting in an islamic way that the rapist muhammed would support.

They really are breeding a whole bunch of crazy mother fuckers in the middle east, and it is important to protect ourselves from them. That means protecting our culture, and encouraging our allies in Europe to do the same.

We must insist on the right to blaspheme against their religion.. and to round up and deport all the fuckers that don't like it.

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