Friday, April 23, 2010


Murrieta City Council
Those who are regular readers of Political Pistachio are accustomed to a heavy volume of material. Yesterday and today the writing has been light because I have been in a number of meetings that has brought me to the conclusion that I need to run for City Council in my city here in California.

I will keep you posted on my campaign, and the details of my platform, during the coming months. And, of course, I will keep writing like a madman.

Thank you for all you do, and tomorrow I will hopefully get some great pieces on the site before I go to work during the early morning hours.

God Bless, and remember: United We Stand, Combined We Kick Butt.


Douglas V. Gibbs

So I looked up the city council web site.. There's 3 of 5 council members up for re-election later this year. Those 3 are degreed professionals.. one an attorney, and so on..

As the thing goes along, I'll be sure and provide all sorts of nut-bag material that Doug has written over the years to his opponents. I'm sure the stuff about the Jews burning in hell will be particularly fun for debate fodder. There's literally a mountain of pure stupid that would be so awesome for new paper publication and so on.

It's going to fuckin' rule.

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