Monday, April 26, 2010

Islam is Evil (again)

Pat Condell really gives islam more credit than it deserves by suggesting that it could be something "beautiful" if not for the evil mother fuckers that control the institutions.

The problem is that culturally, the very nature of religion leads to the abuses he describes. It can never be "beautiful" because there will always be the evil mother fuckers leading it, and the weak willed sheep that follow.

As always, the comments to Condell's videos are the best;

I find it really disturbing and sad when you say a culture does this. Or a race does this. It's understandable though cuz of the media and stuff. It's as if that what u actually see on tv, is all what islam is about. While islam has nothing to do with it. Heck, it is even known that a couple of terrorist attacks were performed by british undercover agents dressed in arab clothing.... U guys, read history. Divide and conquer. Seeing these kinds of things makes me sad. Love all, Hate none

It's similar to the American islamic freaks warning the South Park creators that they are rising their lives by putting their prophet in a cartoon. The insist that they are simply issuing warnings out of the goodness of their hearts, because they don't want to see Matt and Trey gutted like Theo Van Gogh.

If there really is an existential threat, it is in the incursions of the islamic freaks into western cultures. This is why I am opposed to their demands to create their own set of laws for their own neighborhoods. This is why I am opposed to even having islamic style architecture in their buildings. This is why I support rounding up and deporting any fucker that threatens other's with violence.

Normally, I'd be very opposed to just deporting people, but what the islamic assholes want is a fight. The christians will give it to them. You think the rise of islamic fundamentalism in western nations won't have an equally chilling effect in the christians?

I wouldn't give a shit if it weren't for everyone else that's going to get caught, metaphorically and literally, in the cross fire. If it were localized to one place, then I think they should just destroy each other. Well, not really.. I claim that from time to time, but it would be quite an inhumane thing to desire the destruction of religious freaks, even if their very existence threatens ours.

The prohibitions against speech in Europe, and particularly the UK, are disturbing beyond belief. These governments are actually protecting the insanity that may one day destroy us all.


Condell is correct when he says that the islamic nuts resort to threats of violence, and actual violence, as that's the only means they have for lashing out at those around them. Christianity is exactly the same, but the frequency of the threats and actual violence are less. That's probably due to western culture being less permissive of religious interference from christians, whereas we tend to give islam more deference than it's due out of a desire to appear accommodating of different views.

In the end, it's all the same.

From the muslim point of view, however, it probably seems the complete opposite. They probably see the US military (as well as it's western allies) as some arm of the christian religion, bombing the fuck out of muslims in a number of nations, and causing a death toll of the innocent much higher than islam has caused.

From that frame of reference.. they are quite correct.


To explain "destroy us all", as I know that sounds Doug-y in it's prophecy of doom;

Christians freaks have what is popularly referred to as "fatwah envy". They rationalize the craziness of christianity by comparing it to the death and destruction of islam, as if anything short of violence isn't bad when you compare what the other religion is doing.

The "existential threat" really isn't from islam. It's from christian institutions, which become increasingly insane in an effort to keep up with islam. The more permissive we, as a society, are of islam, the more the christians will push it.

As it stands right now.. muslims dominate.. giant piles of dirt and sand. They really can't do a whole lot on a large scale. Christians, on the other hand, control vast swaths of the more powerful institutions and resources on the planet.

We cannot have a double standard. To hold christianity to a certain standard, we must with islam as well. We resist the influence of both equally. We hope to end both.


Greenwald points out how christianity is pretty much exactly the same as islam.

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