Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hate the Religious

This is not unusual;

Elderly Gay Couple Forcibly Separated, Abused, Robbed By County Officials in California

That's just the headline. The details are horrifying.

I'm convinced the reason this sort of thing happens is because of the christians in the United States.. as well as the other religions, which obviously have fewer numbers. They spend as much effort as they can to demonize gay people, and ensure that the lives of fellow human beings are as miserable as possible.

This is why I have a seething anger towards anyone religious, and I refuse to have anything to do with them. They are evil, in it's most simple form.

Money fixes everything though. John and I are quite aware of that. People are not the least bit judgmental about us, because wherever we are, we're spending a fuck ton of money.. and money is more important than their religious hatred. Either that.. or people that work in the high end service industries are just not complete assholes as a rule.

We've stayed in some of the most expensive hotels in the world.. and the people that work there treat us with the highest regard and respect. They treat us as a couple, not as a couple of guys that happen to be staying in a hotel room together, or pretending not to notice that were more than just buddies.

We've eaten in the best restaurants that money can buy, and we've had owners come sit with us and bring us drinks and desserts. They're very pleased to see when we've made another reservation with them, and we've seen managers move heaven and earth when something wasn't done exactly right.

We're really fuckin' lucky.. because money changes everything. We don't have to subject ourselves to the crazy prejudiced assholes. While the average incomes of same-sex couples is higher than heteros, not everyone is able to buy their way away from the religious freaks. This is why gay people often congregate in neighborhoods.. to have that sense of community and normalcy.

Other people are at the whims of some very evil mother fuckers who will ruin the last days of their lives. We can't let them do that. You have to destroy those fuckers first.

And a big part of the problem is the lack of empathy from a lot of hetero people who are personally non-plussed about Teh Gay. Because it's not people like themselves that are abused, it's hard to be very upset about it.

I sometimes worry about the future.. being old and all that. Money comes and it can go.. and plans to be able to buy a nice retirement can go south in a hurry. It would be better if society just changed it's fundamental nature so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

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