Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bonus Asshat Quote of the Day

We all must fight (once and for all and across the board) to elect fiscally prudent politicians like our Founders, those like Thomas Jefferson, who brought down the national deficit though making the Louisiana Purchase and engaging the U.S. in a war with Tripoli. - Chuck Norris

Every memeber of the Loon Brigade (and this includes Chuck Norris) follows the same pattern. They think they're historians and own the legacy of the "Founders", without even understanding what they were about. Then they say something monumentally stupid.

Yes.. to fix the budget issues in D.C., we need another war and to spend a lot of money in Louisiana.

Why didn't George Bush just send Chuck Norris to Afghanistan to kick Osama Bin Laden's ass? Could it be that Norris is just a dumb actor that's been kicked in the head too many times?

Ya think?

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