Saturday, March 13, 2010


VATICAN CITY – The Vatican on Saturday denounced what it called aggressive attempts to drag Pope Benedict XVI into the spreading scandals of pedophile priests in his German homeland.

It also insisted that church confidentiality doesn't prevent bishops from reporting abuse to police.

The Vatican's campaign to defend the pope's reputation and resolve in combatting clergy abuse of minors followed acknowledgment by the Munich archdiocese that it had transferred a suspected pedophile priest to community work while Benedict was archbishop there.

Benedict is also under fire for a 2001 church directive he wrote while a Vatican cardinal, instructing bishops to keep abuse cases confidential.

Germany's justice minister has blamed the directive for what she called a "wall of silence" preventing prosecution.

So, if we have this right.. Ratzinger was systematically enabling child abuse, more than likely abusing kids himself, and now they want to "defend" him? That's pretty funny, but it is what the catholic church is all about. They're "denouncing" it? Well, fuck you, you evil shitbags..

Maybe the better plan is to just destroy to the catholic church? Ya, I know.. not really possible, because there's always going to be the zombies that worship the catholic hierarchy regardless of what they do. It would be fun to see a real and concerted effort to end a major world religion.

On Yahoo news today, there's something like 3 stories on the catholic church on the front page. Wonder why anyone would still consider themselves a catholic?

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