Monday, March 15, 2010

Supreme Ignorance

My new favorite Right Wing Loon wrote one of those cut/paste type posts that rails against "gov'mint spending".. citing the usual Madison view of "common welfare", but as usual completely leaving out the part where the United States Supreme Court decided that Alexander Hamilton's view was more in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution.

It's really strange how they do that, isn't it? And by "strange", I mean really disgusting lying fuckers level of strange. It's pretty much a verbatim Doug Gibbs' screed.

To reconcile that bizarre twist in logic, they go a bit further and argue that the Supreme Court has no real authority anyway, and any judicial review of Congress is unconstitutional. In other words, they actually believe that the courts have no function to check Congress.

I'm not making that up. They actually believe that.. but it's not a stretch to have that level of delusion when you consider they really do live in this fantasy world where everything in the world is backwards from the way things really are.

I get a bit frustrated because of the level of self assuredness the loons claim. They espouse the most bizarre world view and then act like it's everyone else that is living in a fantasy world. It's not surprising, then, when you consider their religious views. It's all wrapped up in a paranoid delusion..

Here's a typical reaction to confrontation with reality.. and I suspect that "Dan" is the Dan we know;

Dan's line of thinking is what has wrecked this country. To paraphrase Walter E. Williams, how would Dan like to play poker with me if the rules are "open to interpretation" by me?

Seriously.. consider how much brain damage an individual must have to write such a thing.

Dan did not express his own "line of thinking", what Dan did was to document the reality of the way things work now. He did not suggest that the Supreme Court should have judicial authority over Congress' legislation, he just said that they do. And they do. That's simply a fact.

The loon goes further to argue that because of the way the system works now, it "wrecked the country". Consider that. It "wrecked the country". In one post, the Terri Schiavo level of brain damaged Right Wing Lunatics argue that America is the bestist country in the history of countries.. and in the next, argue that it's "wrecked".

Really? The United States is "wrecked", because the Supreme Court has the authority to review the constitutionality of legislation? Holy fuck, how fucking stupid does a person have to be to actually claim that?

It's like you want to betch slap the stupid out of these people, isn't it?

I can understand if someone wants to argue the merits of Marbury vs. Madison. That could be an interesting discussion, but that's not how the Loon's approach it. They act as if it never happened, and that the well-understood way our government functions is completely opposite to reality. They think that President Obama is making up some new concept of government that doesn't exist in the US, despite, you know, the existence of similar programs that have been reviewed already by the Supreme Court and found to be in keeping with the best traditions of the framers.

And then the fuckers will cash their Social Security checks, or file a claim with Medicare.

Holy fuck, the stupid...


Here's another good example of a Right Wing Loon lying, Doug Gibbs edition.

Of course, even Conservatives do not support slavery or racial segregation, and most folks do not realize that it was the Democrat Party filibustering against Civil Rights Legislation until finally a compromise was made in 1964 that pushed a piece of legislation through.

What Doug fails to mention is that it was Strom Thurmond who, as of the time, conducted the longest filibuster in the history of the Senate, in opposition to the Civil Rights Act. It was the Civil Rights Act that changed the Southern US states from Democratic to Republican dominated.

Because Doug is a serial liar, he continually tries to claim that it is today's incarnation of the Democratic party that is racist, as opposed to the racist fuckers in the Republican southern states.

Then they finish it off by ramming their heads up Jesus ass, and claim it is everyone else that is "immoral".. not their own lying asses.


Dan said...

Just to kill the was me.

But I stop argueing with them once they get into the bizzare ad hominem attacks.

kris said...

I've never seen a stupider group of people. Seriously.

These dipshits won't look at the plain language of Article 3. The Court can hear ANY case concerning the Constitution.

ANY case.

I've heard education standards are slipping in the US, but this takes the cake.