Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dumb and Dumberer, Redux

Doug Gibbs, whining about Marbury vs. Madison;

"[i]t is irrational to think that the central government's sole arbiter of the limits of its own powers should be its own court system."

Joe, the New Loon on the roll of the courts;

"I think the Supreme Court's role is clearly defined by the Constitution and that it should exercise that role to the fullest."

I've seen other versions of the same thing from various Loons.. but the one thing they never explain.. is if the Supreme Court should not have judicial review authority, who should?

The problem with the Loon Brigade, is they never consider the consequences of what they are advocating. That's one problem anyway.


Matt Taibbi on the Tea Bagger movement;

It's a tremendous read.. describes them perfectly.

I’m not saying that some of these people weren’t frustrated about the bailouts, to the extent that they even knew about them, before Obama got elected. But they did not coalesce into a mass movement against them until part II of the bailout was passed under Obama’s watch, and one should note also that their keynote speaker in Nashville a few weeks ago, Palin, was a bailout supporter.

I think Taibbi gives them too much credit. They're just stupid as fuck. They don't even realize the implications of the policy. They just know that "Liberals are in control", and therefore everything is bad. It's a reflexive response because they really don't have the intellectual capacity to go beyond that.


Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas' wife speaks at a "tea bagger" event.

Imagine what would happen if Justice Sotomayor's husband attended.. say.. an ACLU event.

The court used to have at least an appearance of impartiality. Now it's simply another political wing of the federal government.

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