Saturday, March 06, 2010

American Justice


In this case, the officers seized the two pupils and handcuffed them. Before long, an armed police officer showed up to question the youngsters. The girl asked for her mother and began to cry. Tears were no defense in the minds of the brave New York City law enforcers surrounding this errant child. They were determined to keep the city safe from sixth graders armed with Magic Markers.

The city should be sued for millions until cops in the schools get the fuck out. There were no cops in my schools, and there were no problems. Of course, the city and the police really don't give a fuck because when you sue the city, you get tax payer money. There's no real deterrent to the city employees.

This is really about people who join the police department because of low self esteem. Being able to force other people to "respect my authoritai" makes the powerless feel powerful. They even get off on doing it to little kids. Any adult that hand cuffs and arrests a child should get their ass beat... even if they are a cop.

This behavior isn't going to change, of course. There will be no negative consequence for these criminals with badges. There never is.

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