Thursday, February 25, 2010

Serial Liar

The Loon Brigade has dug up the body of Terri Schiavo, to parade it around a bit more. Apparently there was some story published in a religious nut-bag online journal, that argued that Schiavo was never in a "persistent vegetative state". Naturally, Conservative Keyboard Hero, Doug Gibbs, picked up on it, and used it as an opportunity to rail against Liberals who apparently wanted Schiavo dead.

This is not really a post about Terri Schiavo. The story of Terri Schiavo was about the tragedy of a young woman, ravaged by a catastrophic illness. It was one of a countless number of similar injuries that happen every year. Rather, this post is about the vile scum right wing lunatics, typified by the likes of Doug Gibbs. It's about how they will lie with impunity just to try and smear people who view the world differently than they do.

You might remember, the legal battle over Schiavo lead Congress to go into a special session, and President Bush to end his brush clearing ranch vacation early so he could go back to D.C. to preside over the debacle.

Doug recently wrote, extolling the virtues of "conservatism";

Its appeal is liberty and leaving citizens alone.

Yet, when it came to individual decisions being made by the husband of Terri Schiavo, "conservatism" believes it should intervene and over-ride the family decision. End of life decisions are the most traumatic that any human being can face. Doug thinks the government should be able to step in, and prevent the process that seems common sense for all of us, which of course is in direct contradiction to "leaving citizens alone". As I've said many times, conservatives are self-contradicting morons.

Here's what Doug had to say about Schiavo;

What amazed me during the entire ordeal, as I followed it on television, was how a group of people (primarily those that consider themselves a part of the liberal left) could continuously proclaim that they were against war, and the death penalty, because life is precious, but then cheer when the life of a young woman was snuffed out because a court, based on erroneous testimony by the medical industry, ruled that she should be starved to death.

Liberals did not "cheer" when Terri Schiavo died. We thought it was her husband's decision. Family has a right to make end of life care decisions, and a spouses' decision is always first in the law. It showed that the diagnosis was spot on, and the husband made the right call.

There was an autopsy done which Doug did not cite at all. That doesn't surprise me a bit, as he really is a serial liar. He rails against the "erroneous" medial opinion, yet it was completely and totally proven 100% accurate via the autopsy.

Examination of Schiavo’s nervous system by neuropathologist Stephen J. Nelson, M.D., revealed extensive injury. The brain itself weighed only 615 g, only half the weight expected for a female of her age, height, and weight, an effect caused by the loss of a massive amount of neurons. Microscopic examination revealed extensive damage to nearly all brain regions, including the cerebral cortex, the thalami, the basal ganglia, the hippocampus, the cerebellum, and the midbrain. The neuropathologic changes in her brain were precisely of the type seen in patients who enter a PVS following cardiac arrest. Throughout the cerebral cortex, the large pyramidal neurons that comprise some 70% of cortical cells – critical to the functioning of the cortex – were completely lost. The pattern of damage to the cortex, with injury tending to worsen from the front of the cortex to the back, is also typical. There was marked damage to important relay circuits deep in the brain (the thalami) – another common pathologic finding in cases of PVS. The damage was, in the words of Thogmartin, "irreversible, and no amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons."

This is what the right wing lunatics do. They simply say everything is a "lie" and then mischaracterize the views of everyone else.

Doug knows that he's lying. He's pretty dim, but he's not so dim to know that what he's writing is a complete fabrication. He must believe that lying to further a political ideology is simply a pragmatic thing to do. It's similar to their insisting that evolution is a lie, and that mankind dates back ~6000 years, magically conjured into existence in our complete form by god. Doug knows that's bullshit, but it furthers his argument by lying that way.

Blatenly lying for Christ. Awesome.


Dan said...

Is that qoute from the CNN article?

Tom said...

Hmm.. that was from the wiki for Schiavo which footnoted the CNN article. I should have embeded the link to the wiki, rather than the CNN article, but I was reading the CNN article at the time I was posting that.

Regardless, the info is consistent.

Dan said...

I was just looking for the pyramidal neurons part and didn't find it in the article. No biggy.

Anonymous said...

"The brain itself weighed only 615 g, only half the weight expected for a female of her age, height, and weight, an effect caused by the loss of a massive amount of neurons."

Insert male for female and maybe it explains what is going on with Doug?