Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Doug last week;

"Are we heading into a recession like all of the newpapers and news channels are saying?"

I answered with a quick, "No."
Doug this week;

.. because of government's tendency to want to save everyone with federal intervention, they will send us into a recession.
I swear, you can't make this shit up.. what a fucking idiot.

Doug has a weird complex that I don't think has been defined by science yet. For example, the people at the Fed that control monetary policy are professional economists that have dedicated their lives to economic issues. These are the cream of the intellectual crop, and while other economists may disagree with the fine print, they generally are exceptionally qualified to make judgements about the economy.

Doug is a heavy equipment operator with no formal education. Despite this, he feels eminently qualified to opine on any topic, no matter how complex or arcane, as the economy is. It's really bizarre, this sense of expertise he feels he has on any subject.

And bonus idiocy..

When the president addressed climate change, I shook my head. The idea of man-made global warming is not only idiotic, but has been proven to be false. In fact, a Russian Scientist has determined that the natural warming cycle has come to an end, and we are heading into a cooling cycle which will peak in 2041.
Because one Russian scientist says it, it must be true.. uh huh.

The best bit though...

I am now once again actively pursuing representation by literary agencies. Now, in this free country of fairness, the rejection letters I am receiving read: "Real page turner, well written, but I cannot represent anything that glorifies Bush's 'illegal' wars." I know a few writers that have gone through the same problem (two of those writers are my guests on Thursday's radio show).
The list of conservative books in the last 8 years are endless. Doug doesn't seem to understand that it's possible the literary agents are just being kind.. because, in reality, he's a shitty writer. I'm not referring to the content, or the opinion, I'm referring to the mechanics of writing. He puts out a sizable volume, but the skill is borderline child-like.

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