Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Welfare State

The Loon Brigade is whining that gov'mint "handouts" disincentivize people from working.

So who are these people that quit working because the government gives them everything? I don't know any. Who are they?

Any of you guys quit your jobs because you've got it so easy you can just live off the government?

Any of my dear Socialist readers in Australia? Canada? You Socialist Commie Basterds quit your jobs yet?


On the teevee today, one of the topics is the torrent of threats and intimidation that are coming from the Loon Brigade.. directed at members of Congress and the President. It seems to be getting a lot of media attention, and the FBI is on "alert".

It's all a bit over blown. The thing we know about the Loon Brigade is that they have really tiny dicks. They are mostly impotent, except for the rare loon that flies an airplane into an IRS building and the like. The vast majority of them were too cowardly to sign up for any of our recent wars against the Brown Threat, so I don't see them capable of actually doing anything other than leaving nasty voice mail for Congressmen, and breaking a few panes of glass.

The ones that physically threaten the President.. that's a bit different. They're impotent pussies as well, but those fuckers need to be in prison for a nice "time out" period.

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